[ACCEPTED]-How to enable duplicate tabs in Eclipse? (i.e. duplicate windows)-window

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On the Window menu choose Editor, then Clone (since 4.4.x) or 2 New Editor (earlier versions). You can then drag the 1 title bar around to get side-by-side views.

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Another way would be to split the code editor view twice

But this will only 8 be possible with Eclipse Luna 4.4 M4, as 7 detailed by Lars Vogel in "Split editor implemented in Eclipse M4 Luna", in 6 Bug 8009:

The split editor functionality has been 5 developed in Bug 378298, and will be available as 4 of Eclipse Luna M4. The Note & Newsworthy 3 of Eclipse Luna M4 will contain the announcement.
Current 2 shortcut for splitting is:

  • Ctrl + _ for split horizontally, and
  • Ctrl + { for split vertically.

Depending on your 1 keyboard layout:

  • Andrew adds in the comments that you can need Ctrl + Shift .
  • el-teedee mentions (also in the comments) that, when pressing CTRL+{ in my Javascript editor, it inserts ''.
    To fix this, I need to press CTRL+ALTGR+{ (Linux Ubuntu French keyboard),


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Yeah, just right-click on the editor tab 5 you want, and select "New Editor". It'll 4 create a new tab editing the same file. You 3 can then drag this new tab to the left or 2 right edge of the view to get them in a 1 "split screen" state. It's really very flexible.

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Other answers explain how to open multiple 17 editors or split editor. If we are talking 16 about other tabs/views that are not editor, it 15 depends on the implementation.

TLDR: search for 14 pin toggle pin toggle or create new view button/option 13 in view!

History view, Search view and other pinnable tabs - have 12 "Pin this XXX View" toggle: Search view with pin button

History view with pin button If 11 you pin it it will keep the content and 10 new Search (or history show) will show in 9 new history view.

History view also has "Reuse Compare 8 Editor" option so compares can be opened 7 in same or separate tabs: Reuse compare editor option in History view

Markers view has option "New 6 Markers View": Markers view options This view can be named 5 and you can set custom filter for each view. Similar 4 is "Terminal View" that has button to open new terminal 3 view: Terminal view button for new terminal

Some tabs do not have any option to 2 be duplicated. Tested with Eclipse 2019-12 1 (4.14.0)

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I figured it out. Right-click tab > New 1 Editor.

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I faced similar problem, but not with the 7 main edit tabs: I wanted to have duplicate 6 tabs in additional view panel (exactly: two 5 junit views to compare different test runs).

In 4 my case the only possible way to achive 3 such thing was creating separate window: Window > New Window and 2 openning new view there.

p.s. I'm using 1 eclipse kepler 4.3.1.

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For eclipse kepler , you can try right-click 1 > open-with > any other like text editor

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