[ACCEPTED]-dllimport failed to locate dll even though it is in the PATH-dllimport

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"DllName.dll could not be found" could 3 also mean that DllImport has not found one 2 of DllName.dll dependencies.

Grab Dependecy Walker to check 1 which dependecy you are missing.

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I'd suggest you to use FileMon (sysinternals.com) to 2 check if your assumptions about the library 1 location are right.

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DllImport does not consult the PATH environment 8 variable when loading DLL's. I am fairly 7 certain that DllImport follows the standard 6 rules for loading a native DLL in a native 5 program when the DLL is referenced by name. Here 4 is an article which details those rules


I've 3 found the simplest way to load the DLL is 2 just to put it in the same location as the 1 program I am executing.

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I used const string lcms2Path = "C:\\lcms2.dll"; in my C# application for the longest 2 time. But finally moved the DLL to the BIN 1 folder and this works perfect [DllImport("lcms2.dll")].

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