[ACCEPTED]-What is 0x%08lx?-crash-dumps

Accepted answer
Score: 11

0x%08lx and %s are almost certainly format specifiers for the C function 15 sprintf. But looks like the driver developers did 14 as good a job in their error handling code 13 as they did in the critical code, as you 12 should never see these specifiers in the 11 GUI -- they should be replaced with meaningful 10 values.

0x%08lx should turn into something like 9 "0xE001D4AB", a hexadecimal 32-bit 8 pointer value.

%s should be replaced by another 7 string, in this case a description. Something 6 like

the memory at 0xE001D4AB referenced 0xE005123F and could 5 not be read.

Note that I made up the values. Basically, a 4 kernel mode access violation occurred. Hopefully 3 in the mini dumps you can see which module 2 caused it and uninstall / update / whatever 1 it.

Score: 9

I believe it is just the placeholder for 5 the memory address. 0x is a string prefix 4 that would notify the user that it is an 3 hexadecimal, while %08lx is the actual placeholder 2 for a long int (l) converted to hexadecimal 1 (x) with a padding of 8 zeroes (08).

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