[ACCEPTED]-gdb remote cross debugging fails with "Remote 'g' packet reply is too long-gdbserver

Accepted answer
Score: 21

I was able to use gdb-multiarch instead 1 and resolved my issue.

Score: 19

As I ran into this recently on Ubuntu 12.04 7 (x86_64) and solved it in a different way, I 6 thought I'd comment. The kicker in this 5 case is that Ubuntu seems to have gdb with 4 libexpat enabled. Some tinkering later and 3 this solved it for me:

set architecture i386:x86-64:intel

So 2 it appears this can result when there is 1 a mismatch of architectures as well.

Score: 6

I had this same problem trying to debug 4 a Freescale ARM on an i5 machine running 3 Ubuntu 11.10 64bit.

The fix that worked for 2 me was to specify the --with-expat flag when configuring 1 gdb. I also had to install the libexpat1-dev package.

Explanation here

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