[ACCEPTED]-Notepad++ stylers.model: Edit to change cursor color to white to hide it / stop it from blinking?-notepad++

Accepted answer
Score: 14

To stop it blinking, you can do this via 16 the menu.

Settings -> Preferences, then on 15 the "Edit Components" tab, slide the "Blink 14 rate" slider all the way to the "S" (Slow) end. Then 13 it won't blink at all.

I don't know how to 12 change the cursor colour in the ".model" file, but 11 again there is a menu option:

Settings -> Style 10 Configurator.

Then in the "Language" list, select 9 "Global Styles". The "Style" list should 8 then have a "Caret colour" entry. Set that 7 to white / whatever you want.

I'm using v5.3.1, so 6 things may be slightly different in the 5 current version (5.5.1).


Alternatively, just 4 noticed the "Width" option on that Settings 3 -> Preferences -> Edit Components tab. Set 2 that to zero, and there won't be a cursor 1 at all. No need to change colours, etc.

Score: 7


Settings -> Preferences -> Editing -> "Caret Settings"

Adjust the width(1) and blink rate 1 fast to slow.

Score: 5

most of the programmers face this problem 2 just press 'insert' button that solves your 1 problem

Score: 1

you can set both (caret width and blink 1 rate, in preferences window)

Settings -> Preferences enter image description here

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