[ACCEPTED]-css opacity on hover of div-hover

Accepted answer
Score: 12

I'm afraid hovering of div elements is not 3 supported in our favourite browser (IE6), but 2 if you're willing to drop support, the following 1 code should work:

#left {
    opacity: 0.6; /* css standard */
    filter: alpha(opacity=60); /* internet explorer */

#left:hover {
    opacity: 1; /* css standard */
    filter: alpha(opacity=100); /* internet explorer */
Score: 5

I haven't looked closely at your code but 4 one thing:


   #left :hover{

is most likely not what you 3 want. You want


it means, the element with 2 the ID left when the mouse hovers over it. Maybe 1 that already helps solve it.

Score: 0

If you want transparency on old browsers 5 use a transparent .png with a light grey 4 or whatever and apply it as a div on top 3 of your other div. Make sure you use position:fixed 2 so it floats together with the scroll, else 1 as you scroll you end up underneath it.

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