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Abbreviation of Common Gateway Interface, a 21 specification for transferring information 20 between a World Wide Web server and a CGI 19 program. A CGI program is any program designed 18 to accept and return data that conforms 17 to the CGI specification. The program could 16 be written in any programming language, including 15 C, Perl, Java, or Visual Basic. CGI programs 14 are the most common way for Web servers 13 to interact dynamically with users. Many 12 HTML pages that contain forms, for example, use 11 a CGI program to process the form's data 10 once it's submitted. Another increasingly 9 common way to provide dynamic feedback for 8 Web users is to include scripts or programs 7 that run on the user's machine rather than 6 the Web server. These programs can be Java 5 applets, Java scripts, or ActiveX controls. These 4 technologies are known collectively as client-side 3 solutions, while the use of CGI is a server-side 2 solution because the processing occurs on 1 the Web server.

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CGI means common gateway interface...It 6 is a web server that receives user request 5 and process that and sends the response 4 back to the user..In CGI for each new user 3 request the new process has been created 2 and process the user request and forward 1 the response back to the user

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See The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is 6 a standard protocol that defines how webserver 5 software can delegate the generation of 4 webpages to a console application. Such 3 applications are known as CGI scripts; they 2 can be written in any programming language, although 1 scripting languages are often used.


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No, the servlet environment is not an abstraction 6 from it. Servlets are loaded into the JVM 5 when they are first requested and are instantiated/executed/deallocated 4 like any other Java object. The CGI process 3 has the web server invoke an external program 2 (Perl/Ruby/Python interpreter or a C-based 1 CGI app), it runs and then exits completely.

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Common Gateway Interface - It is explained 1 here: http://www.openroad.org/cgihelp/cgi.html

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The oldest and still very common way to 11 add interactivity to a web page is through 10 a CGI program. Common Gateway Interface(CGI) is 9 a protocol standard that specifies how information 8 can be passed from a Web page through a 7 Web server, to a program, and back from 6 the program to a browser in the proper format. Unfortunately 5 many people confuse the actual program that 4 does a particular task with CGI protocol. In 3 reality, it happens to be a CGI program 2 as it was written to pass information back 1 and forth using CGI specification.

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