[ACCEPTED]-Installing Tesseract-OCR on CentOS 6-tesseract

Accepted answer
Score: 12

I used these instructions which worked correctly 4 in Centos

Install Tesseract OCR libs from sources in Centos

Download Leptonica and Teseract 3 sources:

$ wget http://www.leptonica.org/source/leptonica-1.69.tar.gz
$ wget https://tesseract-ocr.googlecode.com/files/tesseract-ocr-3.02.02.tar.gz

Configure, compile, install libs:

 $ tar xzvf leptonica-1.69.tar.gz      
 $ cd leptonica-1.69      
 $ ./configure
 $ make
 $ sudo make install

 $ tar xzf tesseract-ocr-3.02.02.tar.gz
 $ cd tesseract-3.01
 $ ./autogen.sh
 $ ./configure
 $ make
 $ sudo make install
 $ sudo ldconfig

Download 2 languages (english) and copy to tessdata 1 folder:

$ wget http://tesseract-ocr.googlecode.com/files/tesseract-ocr-3.02.eng.tar.gz       
$ tar xzf tesseract-ocr-3.02.eng.tar.gz       
$ sudo cp tesseract-ocr/tessdata/* /usr/local/share/tessdata

and enjoy it ;)

Score: 6

I recommend to try installing from rpm here: http://pkgs.org/download/tesseract There 3 are also several dependencies: libpng-devel, libjpeg-devel, libtiff-devel, zlib 2 and leptonica. Last 2 can also be found 1 on RPM site

Score: 5

I have written a bash script to install 5 Tesseract 3.05 on Centos 7. This fetches 4 and installs all dependencies, and also 3 installs language files for English, Hindi, Bengali 2 and Thai.

Code available on GitHub


Hope this 1 helps.

Score: 4

This worked for me :

/usr/bin/yum --enablerepo epel-testing install tesseract.x86_64 tesseract-langpack-fra.noarch

tesseract is not in 2 the epel repository but in the epel-testing 1 repo witch is not activated by default.

Score: 3

Install Tesseract OCR libs from sources (UPDATED as on 14th July 2018)

Download Leptonica and Teseract sources:

$ wget 8 http://www.leptonica.com/source/leptonica-1.76.0.tar.gz

$ wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/tesseract-ocr-alt/files/tesseract-ocr-3.02.02.tar.gz

Configure, compile, install Leptonica:

$ tar xzvf leptonica-1.76.0.tar.gz
$ cd leptonica-1.76.0
$ ./configure & make & sudo make install

Configure, compile, install 7 Tesseract:

$ tar xzf tesseract-ocr-3.02.02.tar.gz
$ cd tesseract-ocr
$ ./autogen.sh & ./configure & make & sudo make install & sudo ldconfig

Download language file:

I am downloading 6 english language file(eng.traineddata) here. You 5 can see complete list of language files 4 here and download as per your need. https://github.com/tesseract-ocr/tesseract/wiki/Data-Files#data-files-for-version-302

Download 3 languages (english) and copy to tessdata 2 folder:

$ wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/tesseract-ocr-alt/files/tesseract-ocr-3.02.eng.tar.gz
$ tar xzf tesseract-ocr-3.02.eng.tar.gz
$ sudo cp tesseract-ocr/tessdata/* /usr/local/share/tessdata

Now your Tesseract OCR is installed 1 and ready to use! Example:

$tesseract /path/to/input/test.jpg /path/to/output/abc.txt -l eng


Score: 0

enter image description here

yum install --nogpgcheck tesseract

after 2 installation to test enter the following 1 command: tesseract --version

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