[ACCEPTED]-How to define a define in C?-c-preprocessor

Accepted answer
Score: 16

No; preprocessing is performed in a single 7 pass. If you want or need more advanced 6 behavior, consider using another tool to 5 preprocess the source, like m4.

Further, the 4 # in the replacement list (at the beginning 3 of #define FIDN... would be parsed as the # (stringize) operator: the 2 operand of this operator must be a named 1 macro parameter, which define is not.

Score: 0

No while defining macros u should take care 5 of one thing that macro should not call 4 itself (reccursively) either directly or 3 indirectly.

I know two static variables consuming 2 8 bytes will be expansive for u.

I have solution 1 over it

#define FID_STRS2(x) #x
#define FID_STRE(x) FID_STRS2(x)
#define FID_DECL(n, v) static int FIDN_##n = v;static const char *FIDS_##n = FID_STRE(v)

Just rename them going reccursive

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