[ACCEPTED]-Valid Locale Names-utf-16

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This page says:

The constructor call std::locale("") creates 12 a locale object that represents the user's 11 preferences. The standard doesn't say what 10 this means, but on many systems the library 9 substitutes whatever is found in an environment 8 variable (often LANG or LC_ALL) in place of the empty 7 string. A common name for the American locale, for 6 example, is "en_US". (On POSIX systems you can type locale -a to list the names of supported locales.)

locale -a should work 5 for you.

If you mean programatically from 4 the C++ std libary I'm not sure.

This stack overflow question is probably 3 also relevant, but he doesn't seem to have 2 had much response.


To use UTF-16 you probably 1 will need to use libiconv as mentioned in this question.

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