[ACCEPTED]-terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Poco::SystemException'-exception-handling

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anyone knows in what code this uncaught 16 exception is caught?

An uncaught exception 15 is—by definition—not caught anywhere.

If 14 an exception cannot be handled, the C++ exception 13 mechanism will call std::terminate() (see include header 12 <exception>), which will call a customizable termination 11 handler. On your platform, the standard 10 termination handler prints the output of 9 std::exception::what() (which Poco's exceptions inherit from). Unfortunately, the 8 way Poco's exceptions are designed, this 7 will not contain any useful information.

There 6 are multiple ways an exception cannot be 5 handled:

  • No suitable catch() handler is found and the unwinding mechanism exits main(). You can try wrapping your main() code in try...catch to print the exception's displayText().
  • A function exits with an exception that does not match its exception specification (... functionname(...) throw(...)). This will call std::unexpected() which in turn will call std::terminate() (by default).
  • An exception is thrown from within a destructor that is called during the unwinding process of another exception. Never throw exceptions in destructors!
  • An exception is thrown while trying to create the original exception object. Never throw exceptions in custom exception classes!

When using Poco threads and a thread 4 is terminated by an unhandled exception, Poco 3 will invoke its internal ErrorHandler and the program 2 will not exit, so I doubt that this is a 1 threading issue.

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I was getting the same error. I had used 6 a try catch block in the run function of 5 the Poco::Runnable class. I removed the 4 try catch block from this class and used 3 a derivative of Poco::ErrorHandler class 2 to handle the errors. After this I stopped 1 getting this error.

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