[ACCEPTED]-C++ logging framework suggestions-logging

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Score: 12

Not sure about the configuration from a 11 UI or CLI. I've used both of these logging 10 frameworks at one point or other.


It wouldn't 9 be too hard to drive your logging based 8 on a configuration file that could be editable 7 by hand or through a quick and dirty GUI 6 or CLI app. Might be a bit harder to adjust 5 these dynamically but not too bad.


It 4 looks like the proposed Boost.Log is now 3 in Boost 1.54 which is at a stable release. If you 2 are already using Boost than I would take 1 a look at it.

Score: 5

No viewer but you could try pantheios. I have been 2 using it for almost a year now and am quite 1 happy with it.

Score: 4

I strongly suggest Pantheios, as it's the only one 10 that's completely type-safe, and is also 9 very efficient. It imposes a little work on the user, in 8 selecting the right "front-end" and 7 "back-end", but once you've got 6 it working, you can just fix and forget.

It 5 doesn't provide sophisticated logging facilities 4 - e.g. rolling files - but that's by design, because 3 it's intended to be used in combination 2 with other logging libraries that have more 1 functionality (but poorer performance / type-safety).

Score: 3

If you care about performance, I suggest 6 you check out Pantheios. In particular, it's got 5 very high performance, and it can be used in combination with 4 other logging libraries -- it acts as an 3 efficient and type-safe layer between the 2 logging library (such as log4cxx) and your 1 application code.

Score: 1

You could use wxWidgets and use it's excellent class for 3 logging. It's rather easy and straightforward. For 2 instance, you can create a dialog which 1 gathers all your logs (e.g. wxLogError, wxLogMessage, wxLogDebug, etc.).

Score: 1

Pantheios is a good candidate in term of perormance 3 but my personal preference is P7 library. My 2 internal tests (CPU i7-4870HQ, SSD) shows 1 that P7 is faster than Pantheios.

  • Pantheios writes 1.8M logs lines per second (time & text message)
  • P7 writes 2.4M logs lines per second (time, thread, CPU core, function, file, line and text message)

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