[ACCEPTED]-real modulo operator in C/C++?-modulo

Accepted answer
Score: 14

There is no simple way to do it, however 5 it is more efficient if you create a two-line 4 solution, and spare a multiplication plus 3 determining n.

inline int modulo(int a, int b) {
  const int result = a % b;
  return result >= 0 ? result : result + b;

Also, if you need to work correctly 2 for negative b numbers as well, add to the 1 beginning:

          if(b < 0) return modulo(-a, -b);
Score: 2

I would suggest a function like the one 5 above, but using inline int modulo(int a, int b) {} (just as if the operator 4 existed in C++). Personnally I don't use 3 negative numbers often, and still think 2 you should keep % whenever your code doesn't 1 use negative numbers.

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