[ACCEPTED]-What does the >?= operator mean?-operators

Accepted answer
Score: 50

It's a GCC extension that was removed in 3 GCC version 4.2 and later.

The equivalent 2 of a >?= b is a = max(a,b);

There is also a very similar operator 1 a <?= b which means the same as a = min(a, b);.

Score: 14

This page describes that >? is the 'maximum' operator, which 4 returns the largest of its two numeric arguments. I'm 3 guessing that the >?= combines this with assignment, presumably 2 by assigning to the left-hand operand if 1 the right-hand value is larger.

Score: 3

See C extension: <? and >? operators

It's the max-then-assign operator: Take 4 the greater of the left and right sides 3 and stuff it back into the lefthand side.

It's 2 removed from g++ and should be replaced 1 with max (or min for <?=)

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