[ACCEPTED]-Get dimensions of JPEG in C++-openvms

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You have this C function which may extract the relevant 11 data for you.

This is a C routine but should 10 compile fine with C++.
Pass it a normal 9 FILE pointer (from fopen) to the beginning 8 of a jpeg file and two int pointers to be 7 set with the image height and width.

Or 6 you may find in the Boost library a jpeg class which 5 has the right function (From Adobe Generic Image Library).


boost::gil::jpeg_read_dimensions (const char *filename)

Returns 4 the width and height of the JPEG file at 3 the specified location. Throws std::ios_base::failure 2 if the location does not correspond to a 1 valid JPEG file.

Score: 3

libjpeg is reasonably small, open source 3 and available on OpenVMS. It's probably 2 quicker to install it than to handle JPEG 1 yourself.

Score: 2

Maybe libjpeg?


Score: 1

You should be able to use this jpeg lib with this 1 patch for OpenVMS

Score: 1

No need for full libjpeg library just to 6 get this information (unless you need to 5 do something else with the images). ImageInfo might 4 help you. It is a Java class, but there 3 are ports for other languages, including 2 C++.
As pointed out, Exif might change these 1 information (eg. with orientation setting).

Score: 0

You may want to try GDAL library which serves 8 as an abstraction layer for large number 7 of raster data formats, mostly used in geospatial 6 applications for GIS/RS.

GDAL provides number 5 of APIs, for C, C++ and scripting languages. Of 4 course, it supports JPEG images and its variants 3 like JPEG2000 and more.

Here is a very simple example 2 how to open JPEG image and query its dimensions:

#include <gdal_priv.h>

GDALAllRegister(); // call ones in your application

GDALDataset* ds = (GDALDataset*)GDALOpen("my.jpeg", GA_ReadOnly);
int width  = ds->GetRasterXSize();
int height = ds->GetRasterYSize(),
int nbands = ds->GetRasterCount();

Check 1 GDAL API tutorial for more complete example.

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