[ACCEPTED]-What's a good, if any, .NET Windows automation library?-ui-automation

Accepted answer
Score: 11

Have you looked at the White framework?


Score: 8

microsoft's own built in one is fine


not 1 restricted to wpf as some seem to think.

Score: 8

I have used AutoIt in the past with success.


Score: 3

If you haven't seen it yet, and a commercial 17 library is acceptable, you might check out 16 Ranorex:


I used Ranorex 1.5 quite a bit to 15 write small C# UI automation utilities. It 14 was pretty effective! Development seemed 13 faster compared to using the MS UI Automation 12 API directly, since Ranorex has a lot of 11 useful convenience methods already available.

I 10 haven't used Ranorex 2 very much yet, though.

In 9 Ranorex 1.5, there was also support for 8 traditional Win32 development in C++, but 7 I didn't use it. As far as I know, that's 6 still available in Ranorex 2.

I can't speak 5 to the quality of the record/playback support 4 in Ranorex since I never used that feature.

One 3 final plus: Their support team was really 2 responsive and helpful anytime I emailed 1 them.

Score: 2

This library is pretty interesting and is fairly simple. Perhaps 1 it will help you.

Score: 2

I would still suggest FlaUI for autoamating .Net 5 Desktop,Mobile apps. Its based on Microsoft 4 UIA libraries and have support for external 3 controls like the DevExpress Grid too Moreover, it 2 is built on top of TestStack.White so indeed a very good 1 library and has a github page also

Score: 1

I have used WebAii from ArtOfTest with a fair degree of success 6 in automating integration testing for a 5 Silverlight app. It also supports WinForms 4 and Web applications.

Microsoft UI Automation, the 3 successor to Active Accessibility, can do 2 almost all of the Windows UI automation 1 you would need.

Score: 1

How about CSharpScript, here's an article about 4 it on Codeproject, and here's the link to the 3 main website. Furthermore, it is familiar 2 C#, scripted which can be used to automate 1 anything.

Hope this helps, Best regards, Tom.

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