[ACCEPTED]-Which is recommended: "static public" or "public static-c#

Accepted answer
Score: 41

"public static" is far more common, so you 3 might want to go with that just to increase 2 readability for programmers who never stumbled 1 upon "static public".

Score: 23

see this question

If you download the Microsoft StyleCop Visual 3 Studio addin, it can validate your source 2 code against the rules Microsoft use. It 1 likes the access modifier to come first.

Score: 13

When nothing else matters, go with consistency. In 3 this case the rest of the world uses public static, so 2 I'd go with that too just to avoid unnecessary 1 surprise in those reading your code.

Score: 4

I personally would go with public static 6 because it's more important that it's public 5 than that it's static.

And check this: http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/config_modifier.html

As 4 well as this: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/jls/second_edition/html/classes.doc.html (These two links are for 3 Java, but the concept is the same)

Short 2 version: "public static" is recommended 1 and is far more common.

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