[ACCEPTED]-How to enable XSLT scripting in C# ..?-xslt

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As Steve cooper has mentioned .. you need to enable the XSLT 3 script .. and here is the way to do it:

first define a new settings instance:

var settings = new XsltSettings();

then 2 enable the script

settings.EnableScript = true;

Create the XslCompiledTransform object and 1 load the style sheet, passing in the settings object.

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In the MSDN Documentation it says "XSLT scripting is 10 disabled by default. XSLT scripting should 9 be enabled only if you require script support 8 and you are working in a fully trusted environment."

This 7 is probably your problem. Try loading the 6 transform like this;

XslCompiledTransform xslt = new XslCompiledTransform();

// Disable script blocks and the document() function
// if a stylesheet came from an untrusted source
string untrustedUri = @"http://www.untrusted-site.com/meow.xsl";
XmlResolver secureResolver = new XmlSecureResolver(new XmlUrlResolver(), untrustedUri);
xslt.Load(untrustedUri, XsltSettings.Default, secureResolver);

// Enable script blocks and the document() function
// if a trusted stylesheet needs them
xslt.Load(@"C:\MyProject\purr.xsl", XsltSettings.TrustedXslt, new XmlUrlResolver());

You could add some detail 5 to your question, too; can you say how you 4 are able to do it manually? What program 3 or engine are you using? For instance, XMLSpy 2 uses a different transform engine from the 1 .Net framework, so XSL files can be incompatable.

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Define the settings variable Enabling Script 2 Mode and then use it in the load process.

var settings = new XsltSettings();
settings.EnableScript = true;

XslCompiledTransform xslt = new XslCompiledTransform();
xslt.Load("input.xsl", settings , null);

It 1 worked for me. Regards!

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I would suggest trying to load the XML file 7 completely separately - I wouldn't be surprised 6 to find that this had nothing at all to 5 do with XSL, and everything to do with it 4 not being able to find the file or something 3 similar.

Try loading the XML file into an 2 XmlDocument and checking that it looks correct. If 1 that works, use the overload accepting an IXPathNavigable as input (XmlDocument implements IXPathNavigable).

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