[ACCEPTED]-Manipulate Hyper-V from .NET-hyper-v

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Much of the Hyper-V automation is through 3 WMI. WMI isn't explicitly a .NET API, but 2 it's pretty easy to work with from .NET.

See 1 Hyper-V WMI API docs and older v1 docs.

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Don't forget to take into consideration 7 that in newest releases of hyper-v, the 6 namespaces have been moved to v2. For example 5 from root\virtualization in Hyper-V 2008, the 4 namespace has changed into root\virtualization\v2 3 in 2012. (Windows Server version) Check 2 this post for more details.

This helped me a lot in 1 newest versions of Hyper-V

Hope it helps.

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System Center Virtual Machine Manager comes 7 with a very good set of .NET assemblies, which 6 you can freely reference in your app. It 5 also has an excellent Powershell interface 4 for easy scripting.

However, if you're working 3 with raw Hyper-V and not SCVMM, then I don't 2 know. See if you can get your boss to spring 1 for SCVMM.

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You can do that and much more with this. http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/ddc It 2 is for hosters but can be easily installed 1 on premise.

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