[ACCEPTED]-What are the core elements to include in Support Documentation?-documentation

Accepted answer
Score: 13

Having been on both sides of this process 4 professionally, I can say that the following 3 should be mandatory:

  • the documentation of the code (javadoc, doxygen, etc)
  • details on build process
    • where to get current source
    • how to file bugs (they will happen)
    • route to provide patches either to the source or to customers
  • how it works (simple, but often overlooked)
  • user-customizable portions (eg there is a scripting component)
  • primary contacts for each component, aka escalation path
  • encouragement for feedback from Support as to what else they want to see

I'm sure lots of other things 2 can be added, but these are the top priority 1 in my mind.

Score: 6
  1. Functional Specification (If you have one)
  2. User Manual. Create one if you don't have
  3. Technical Manual, Containing
    • Deployment Diagram
    • Softwares Used
    • Configuration and build details
    • Deatils of Server ip and admin / oracle / websphere passwords
  4. Testing Document
  5. Over view document giving out
    • Where all documents are kept
    • Version Control repository and its project/ user details
    • Application usernames / password
  6. Any support SQL's/tools etc created by the development team, for analysis, loading data etc.


Score: 2
  1. Include Screenshots of operations and output.
  2. Prefer "online easily update-able" doc (wiki-like) instead of paper or pdf.
  3. If online, make it searchable and cross-linked.


Score: 0
  • A usermanual is a neat thing (pictures, descriptions, aso.)
  • A rundown of the different features within the application

Thats what i'm thinking ontop of my head 2 if this is "only" for support staff and 1 not further development.

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