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You can add a new DataTable to a DataTable cell. Simple Example:

Define 5 the primary table with one cell type DataTable:

DataTable people = new DataTable();
people.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(string));
people.Columns.Add("Friends", typeof(DataTable));

Define 4 the sub table:

DataTable friends = new DataTable();
friends.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(string));
friends.Columns.Add("Desire", typeof(string));

Add some data to the sub table:

friends.Rows.Add("Scarecrow", "brain");
friends.Rows.Add("Tin Woodman", "heart");
friends.Rows.Add("Cowardly Lion", "courage");

And 3 finally, add a row to the primary table:

people.Rows.Add("Dorothy", friends);

To 2 get the sub table from the primary table 1 you need to cast the object as DataTable:

DataTable output = (DataTable)people.Rows[0]["Friends"];
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DataSet can contain several datatables with 5 different schemas. You can store your second 4 datatable in a second table and reference 3 it to your row at first table.

Also you can 2 use WriteXml and ReadXml methods to store your datatable 1 into a data cell.

1: Take a look at that answer. 1: What are useful JavaScript methods that extends built-in objects?

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Assuming you mean to persist it to a database, you 4 would be better served looking at a foreign-key 3 / DataRelation. If you really want more structured data in 2 a cell, then perhaps something like xml, or 1 some other serialization format.

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According to what I infer from your question 4 you can say something like this :

DataRow dr = new DataRow();
DataTable dtable = dr[0].Table

MSDN : DataRow's 3 DataTable Property : Gets the DataTable 2 for which this row has a schema.

Example 1 and Explanation : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.data.datarow.table.aspx

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