[ACCEPTED]-Why does Console.Out.WriteLine exist?-reflector

Accepted answer
Score: 65

Console.WriteLine is a static method. Console.Out is a static object 8 that can get passed as a parameter to any 7 method that takes a TextWriter, and that method could 6 call the non-static member method WriteLine.

An example 5 where this would be useful is some sort 4 of customizable logging routines, where 3 you might want to send the output to stdout (Console.Out), stderr (Console.Error) or 2 nowhere (System.IO.TextWriter.Null), or anything else based on some 1 runtime condition.

Score: 22

Brad Abrams (The founding member of both CLR and .NET 2 framework at Microsoft) says the following.

Console.WriteLine() is simply a shortcut for Console.Out.WriteLine. Console was overloaded by WriteLine propery to make that much easier to write.

Source: Book 1 "The C# Programming Language by Anders Hejlsberg".

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