[ACCEPTED]-Reflection in C# -- want a list of the data types of a class' fields-field

Accepted answer
Score: 10

this is how I did it, you want the FieldType 2 which actually returns a Type instance.

var members = typeof(TestMe).GetFields().Select(m => new 
                                             Name = m.Name, 
                                             MemType = m.MemberType, 
                                             RtField = m.GetType(), 
                                             Type = m.FieldType 

foreach (var item in members)
    Console.WriteLine("<{0}> <{1}> <{2}> <{3}> {3} {2}", item.MemType, item.RtField, item.Name, item.Type, item.Type, item.Name);

public class TestMe
    public string A;
    public int B;
    public byte C;
    public decimal D;

This 1 is the output:

<Field> <System.Reflection.RtFieldInfo> <A> <System.String> System.String A 
<Field> <System.Reflection.RtFieldInfo> <B> <System.Int32> System.Int32 B
<Field> <System.Reflection.RtFieldInfo> <C> <System.Byte> System.Byte C
<Field> <System.Reflection.RtFieldInfo> <D> <System.Decimal> System.Decimal D
Score: 1

I'm not sure that MemberInfo has the information 5 you want. You might want to look at GetFields() and 4 the FieldInfo class, or GetProperties() and the PropertyInfo class.

GetMembers() returns 3 all fields, properties and methods, so if 2 your class contained these they would be 1 enumerated as well.

Score: 1

You're looking for the Name property off 2 of FieldType, which is available via FieldInfo. You'll 1 need to cast MemberInfo to a FieldInfo first:

foreach (MemberInfo mi in theMemberInfoArray)
    if (mi.MemberType == MemberTypes.Field)
        FieldInfo fi = mi as FieldInfo;


Score: 0

mi.Name is bringing back want you want, you 2 jsut need to change your COnsole.WriteLine 1 to print it again

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