[ACCEPTED]-How to set a project's executable processname?-project

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You can set this in the project's properties 8 page. Setting the assembly name on the application 7 tab will set the name of the resulting compiled 6 assembly (ie. ABC.exe).

The .vshost.exe is 5 the Visual Studio debugging process, used by Visual Studio when you debug. You 4 can turn that off (Visual Studio does not 3 need it to debug) by unchecking the "enable 2 the visual studio hosting process" checkbox 1 on the debug tab of the the project properties.

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Changing "Assembly name" alone did not help 2 me.Changing Assembly title in AssemblyInfo.cs 1 file helped me to change process name.

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The best you can do is to set the assembly name 14 in the property pages (Properties node in Solution 13 Explorer) to whatever you wish. The C# compiler 12 automatically uses the assembly name as 11 the process name (file name of the generated 10 EXE), so this should do the job for you. Note 9 that the assembly name is completely independent from 8 the project name and the root namespace.

You 7 can of course change the file name of the 6 EXE after it has been generated (and this 5 will leave the assembly name unchanged), though I 4 see no real reason for this.

Note: I assume 3 you are referring to Visual Studio in particular, though 2 it probably matters little in terms of what 1 is possible.

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It seems it's taken from the version-info 8 resource for an .EXE; specifically, the 7 "FileDescription" attribute. To do this 6 programmatically, I imagine you would need 5 a separate program to update the version-info 4 resource in the .EXE whose description you're 3 trying to change. (I don' know C#, but 2 in C++, UpdateResource is used for this 1 purpose.)

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The processes name in task manager is based 11 of the image name, which is the executable 10 (as already pointed out the assembly name 9 setting defines this in VS.Net).

The Application 8 Name is based on the window title, so is 7 only something you can alter with graphical 6 apps (except via dirty hacks to the console 5 which are unlikely to be stable).

Note that 4 you can have multiple executables all executing 3 a common main method in a shared dll so 2 you can 'name' different instances of essentially 1 the same code differently if that helps.

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