[ACCEPTED]-How to get value of a Nullable Type via reflection-reflection

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Reflection and Nullable<T> are a bit of a pain; reflection 7 uses object, and Nullable<T> has special boxing/unboxing 6 rules for object. So by the time you have an object it 5 is no longer a Nullable<T> - it is either null or the value itself.


int? a = 123, b = null;
object c = a; // 123 as a boxed int
object d = b; // null

This makes 4 it a bit confusing sometimes, and note that 3 you can't get the original T from an empty 2 Nullable<T> that has been boxed, as all you have is 1 a null.

Score: 0

Given simple class:

public class Foo
    public DateTime? Bar { get; set; }

And the code:

Foo foo = new Foo();

foo.Bar = DateTime.Now;

PropertyInfo pi = foo.GetType().GetProperty("Bar");

object value = pi.GetValue(foo, null);

value has 3 either null (if .Bar is null) or the DateTime 2 value. What part of this isn't working 1 for you?

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