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I agree with Marc's comment above, but I 43 guess what you're looking for is probably 42 something like RavenDB. It's developed specifically 41 with .NET in mind, so would probably seem 40 more "C# friendly" than others 39 such as CouchDB or MongoDB, etc.

Keep in 38 mind, however, that the different NoSQL 37 implementations have different strengths 36 and weaknesses beyond simply what language/platform 35 is more natively considered during their 34 development. It may very well be true that 33 RavenDB would seem more natural to a .NET 32 developer, but a different database may 31 be better suited to the job at hand depending 30 on the data persistence needs.

Here's a quick breakdown of 29 some other feature comparisons that I just 28 found. As you can see there's more to each 27 tool than its .NET driver. A little Googling 26 of NoSQL database comparisons will yield 25 more information. If you have more specific 24 data persistence needs or can elaborate 23 more on the project in question we may be 22 able to provide more advice.

Edit: (In response 21 to your comment above) To perhaps help 20 you narrow down your choices, here's my 19 experience so far:

Of the three that I've 18 mentioned, the only one I've actually used 17 in .NET is MongoDB. It didn't "feel" as 16 native for .NET purposes, but it wasn't 15 difficult or unwieldy in any way. It was 14 easy enough to use and performed its intended 13 task very well.

I've used CouchDB from JavaScript 12 code, as opposed to from .NET code. It's 11 considered to be a very JavaScript friendly 10 database and I've been toying with the idea 9 of connecting to it directly from client-side 8 AJAX calls. But it should be just as easy 7 from within .NET. That's the beauty of 6 a RESTful API, really. Anything should 5 be able to interact with it as easily as 4 interacting with any service. From within 3 .NET code, something like RestSharp may 2 make using CouchDB very easy and feel more 1 .NET-native.

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Pure C# free and open-source NoSql DBreeze database


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MSDN Magazine had a sequence of articles 2 by Ted Steward on using MongoDB from C# around 1 May-July 2010.

Score: 2

Mongo recently released and is subsequently 2 supporting a native C# driver. Source code 1 is on Github. See here for more details: http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/CSharp+Language+Center

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EgoDB is another one,simple, thread safe, multi-process 1 written in plain c#

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