[ACCEPTED]-How to display PDF or Word's DOC/DOCX inside WinForms window?-ms-word

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I wrote something that can do this for Word 3 Documents by taking advantage of the WebBrowser 2 control for WinForms. Hopefully it might 1 do you some good:


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Consider using the preview handlers for 4 Vista, Windows 7. I used the code provided 3 by Brad Smith (with corrections from the 2 comments).

http://www.brad-smith.info/blog/archives/79 - Hosting Preview Handlers in 1 Windows Forms Applications

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An often suggested solution is to use a 5 webbrowser component inside the form that 4 views the PDF: MSDN

Another approach is to use 3 an ActiveX Control included with the Adobe 2 Acrobat Reader but therefore you need a 1 license from Adobe.

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You can use Preview Handlers. There is a 3 WPF Article over at CodeProject, which should be dead 2 easy to translate to WinForms if you need 1 it.

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