[ACCEPTED]-how to restart asp.net application besides modifying web.config-restart

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Touching web.config from inside an application 12 is a bad idea, IMO. Also, the idea of having 11 a file that you modify is a little hackney, IMO.

The 10 documentation specifically states that UnloadAppDomain will 9 shut the application down:

UnloadAppDomain 8 allows programmatic shutdown of unused applications.

You 7 should be able to make this call anywhere 6 in the application. Mind you, you might 5 get a SecurityException, so make sure that the runtime gives 4 you the appropriate permissions (you might 3 want to put this in a library and make a 2 call and then set the library up in the 1 GAC with evidence to give it full trust).

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If this is .NET 2.0 or greater, then you 7 can add in an "App_offline.htm" file, make 6 a request to the server, remove it, and 5 then make another request to the server.

This 4 sequence of events will force ASP.NET to 3 unload the application for as long as the 2 app_offline.htm file exists in the folder.

Scott 1 Guthrie's blog entry on it: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2005/10/06/426755.aspx

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this code work for me. just call it to reload 12 application.


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This method will just unload 11 our application. If you just put this method 10 in an ASP.NET web button you are totally 9 done. So when will our application reloaded? Actually 8 if you click your button it will first launch 7 our method and unload application. Further 6 on the web page we are on at that moment 5 will be reloaded as well, because we just 4 clicked a button and the web page should 3 refresh. After launching our method the 2 page refresh process will cause our application 1 to reload as well.

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You can stop and start the Application Pool 1 associated with the app as well.

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You can do this by calling the HttpRuntime.ShutdownAppDomain method (you 4 will need to use reflection to invoke it, since 3 it is a private static method)

See How to restart an IIS Worker Process programmatically (i.e. shutdown the current ASP.NET Domain) for an 2 example of how I use this method in a 'Restart' REST 1 API

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You could safely restart a web application 8 by creating or renaming a folder at run 7 time under the application directory. Obviously 6 you need to give the user assigned to run 5 the application "modify" rights 4 to the web directory or to a sub directory 3 under it.

the method is mentioned at http://www.bartlannoeye.be/blog/restarting-a-.net-web-application-without-restarting-iis

I used 2 the following code to do it in my case. Modify 1 it to work on a "writable" sub-directory

protected void RestartButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //restart web app (instead of iisreset)
    DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(Server.MapPath("restart"));
    if (dir.Exists)
        Directory.Move(dir.FullName, dir.FullName + "ed");
        DirectoryInfo dired = new DirectoryInfo(Server.MapPath("restarted"));
        if (dired.Exists)
            Directory.Move(dired.FullName, dir.FullName);
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If you don't want to stop and start the 1 app pool you can always recycle it.

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