[ACCEPTED]-What properties are in Jenkins / Hudson available for build configuration?-continuous-integration

Accepted answer
Score: 42

There is

  • a quite extensive list in the JENKINS wiki (or if you prefer in the Hudson Wiki,
  • there is a link to it below the textarea where you specify your build steps (see below)
  • you could run
    as bash script in a build step to find out which additional variables are inherited on your system:

enter image description here


Score: 13

To view available env vars in your case 4 (since they also depend on installed plugins) just 3 go to this URL:


Replace https://<your-jenkins>/ with how you used 2 to access your Jenkins (it can be, just 1 for instance http://localhost:8080/env-vars.html or https://linux-jenkins-1:8443/env-vars.html).

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