[ACCEPTED]-How to add a line in the middle of the program in TI-Basic Editor?-ti-basic

Accepted answer
Score: 10

Are you coding on the TI-84 calculator? If 5 so, all you have to do is press "2nd" and 4 then "DEL" (to the left of the arrow-pad). You 3 will note the blue text, "INS", above the 2 "DEL" key. Then simply press ENTER to add 1 a new line.

Score: 4

There is a relevant section on page 511 5 of this TI-83 manual.

Inserting and Deleting Command Lines

To insert a new command line anywhere in the program, place the cursor where you want the new line, press 2nd INS, and then press ENTER . A colon indicates a new line.

To delete a command line, place the 4 cursor on the line, press CLEAR to clear all 3 instructions and expressions on the line, and 2 then press DEL to delete the command line, including 1 the colon.

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