[ACCEPTED]-Connecting to Azure Redis Cache-azure-caching

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The port for SSL is 6380. Port 6379 is 6 used for non-SSL. StackExchange.Redis defaults 5 to these ports if not set, so you should 4 be able to just remove the port from your 3 code, like so:

var options = new ConfigurationOptions();
options.Ssl = true;
options.Password = "VeryLongKeyCopiedFromPortal";
var connection = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect(options);

Alternatively, you can use 2 a connection string instead of the ConfigurationOptions 1 object:

var connection = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect(
Score: 1

I had this same issue. Make sure you copied 7 the key correctly :)

My issue was I didn't 6 copy the base 64 encoded key properly from 5 the UI. Consider the two keys below. The 4 way I usually copy/paste a non broken string 3 is by double clicking. When I double clicked 2 on the key I got the first set of data and 1 not the entire string.


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