[ACCEPTED]-bash script to restart Apache automatically-bash

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We used to have Apache segfaulting sometimes 5 on a machine; here's the script we used 4 trying to debug the problem while keeping 3 Apache up. It ran from cron (as root) once 2 every minute or so. It should be self-explanatory.

# Script that checks whether apache is still up, and if not:
# - e-mail the last bit of log files
# - kick some life back into it
# -- Thomas, 20050606

mkdir -p $THEDIR

if ( wget --timeout=30 -q -P $THEDIR http://localhost/robots.txt )
    # we are up
    touch ~/.apache-was-up
    # down! but if it was down already, don't keep spamming
    if [[ -f ~/.apache-was-up ]]
        # write a nice e-mail
        echo -n "apache crashed at " > $THEDIR/mail
        date >> $THEDIR/mail
        echo >> $THEDIR/mail
        echo "Access log:" >> $THEDIR/mail
        tail -n 30 /var/log/apache2_access/current >> $THEDIR/mail
        echo >> $THEDIR/mail
        echo "Error log:" >> $THEDIR/mail
        tail -n 30 /var/log/apache2_error/current >> $THEDIR/mail
        echo >> $THEDIR/mail
        # kick apache
        echo "Now kicking apache..." >> $THEDIR/mail
        /etc/init.d/apache2 stop >> $THEDIR/mail 2>&1
        killall -9 apache2 >> $THEDIR/mail 2>&1
        /etc/init.d/apache2 start >> $THEDIR/mail 2>&1
        # send the mail
        echo >> $THEDIR/mail
        echo "Good luck troubleshooting!" >> $THEDIR/mail
        mail -s "apache-watchdog: apache crashed" $EMAIL < $THEDIR/mail
        rm ~/.apache-was-up

rm -rf $THEDIR

We 1 never did figure out the problem...

Score: 2

Can the count of a process really be less 1 than zero?

This should be sufficient:

if ! pgrep apache2 -c >/dev/null; then
Score: 1

You could try to send an http request to 3 apache (e.g. using wget --timeout=10) and if that request 2 times out or fails (exit status != 0), you 1 kill and restart apache.

Score: 1

Why would Apache hang? Can you get to the 5 cause?

There are a number of scripts and 4 tools out there to 'daemonize' apps and 3 watch over them. As you seem to be on Debian 2 or Ubuntu, have a look at the packages daemon and 1 daemontools. I am sure there are others too.

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