[ACCEPTED]-How to test Bluetooth Based Application on Androidx86 on top of VirtualBox with inbuilt laptop bluetooth-android-x86

Accepted answer
Score: 11

In the Virtual Box :

  1. right click and go to 5 settings

  2. select Serial Ports and Enable it

  3. click 4 Ok.

  4. Now click Start

  5. Select Devices from Top 3 Menu

  6. Select USB Devices

  7. Select your Bluetooth 2 Adapter that's all. now You can use your 1 Laptop Bluetooth for VM.

Score: 1

In addition to the steps in RamRaj's answer, the 7 VM's Bluetooth adapter requires an exclusive 6 connection. No other devices may be paired 5 on the laptop—otherwise the connection attempt 4 will hang.

If the connection is successful, you 3 won't be able to manage Bluetooth within 2 the laptop (host) OS for the duration of 1 the connection.

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