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You cannot change a free app to a paid app 3 on the Google Play store. You could re-upload 2 under a different name, but this would obviously 1 fracture your user base.

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You could add in-app payment processing 21 to your free app and charge for enhanced 20 features. Per


"By using the in-app 19 billing feature you can add revenue-generating 18 features to your applications, enhancing 17 the revenue potential of paid applications 16 and turning free applications into new revenue 15 sources."

Now, could you disable functionality 14 that was already available in the free app, and 13 then charge via in-app payments to have 12 it restored? Technically I do think it 11 could be done, since you are in control 10 of your implementation of those features, although 9 you would have to investigate whether that 8 would be a violation of Google's policies.

However, doing 7 it might alienate your users, and if word 6 got around they might even stop updating 5 your app to avoid the "trap." So 4 a much better approach would probably be 3 to add enticing new functionality that enhances 2 the existing functionality, and then charge 1 for it.

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You cannot. Check this

"Once your app has 4 been offered for Free, the app can't be 3 changed to Paid. If you want to charge for 2 the app, you need to create a new app with 1 a new package name and set a price."

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Its not possible, we need create paid app 1 always then you can make it free

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