[ACCEPTED]-Create an Android GPS tracking application-tracking

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The source code for the Android mobile application 4 open-gpstracker which you appreciated is available here.

You 3 can checkout the code using SVN client application 2 or via Git:

Debugging the source code will 1 surely help you.

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Basically you need following things to make 31 location detector android app

Now if you 30 write each of these module yourself then 29 it needs much time and efforts. So it would be better to use ready resources that are 28 being maintained already.

Using all these 27 resources, you will be able to create an 26 flawless android location detection app.

1. Location Listening

You 25 will first need to listen for current location 24 of user. You can use any of below libraries 23 to quick start.

Google Play Location Samples

This library provide last 22 known location, location updates

Location Manager

With this 21 library you just need to provide a Configuration 20 object with your requirements, and you will 19 receive a location or a fail reason with 18 all the stuff are described above handled.

Live Location Sharing

Use 17 this open source repo of the Hypertrack 16 Live app to build live location sharing 15 experience within your app within a few 14 hours. HyperTrack Live app helps you share 13 your Live Location with friends and family 12 through your favorite messaging app when 11 you are on the way to meet up. HyperTrack 10 Live uses HyperTrack APIs and SDKs.

2. Markers Library

Google Maps Android API utility library

  • Marker clustering — handles the display of a large number of points
  • Heat maps — display a large number of points as a heat map
  • IconGenerator — display text on your Markers
  • Poly decoding and encoding — compact encoding for paths, interoperability with Maps API web services
  • Spherical geometry — for example: computeDistance, computeHeading, computeArea
  • KML — displays KML data
  • GeoJSON — displays and styles GeoJSON data

3. Polyline Libraries


If you 9 want to add route maps feature in your apps 8 you can use DrawRouteMaps to make you work 7 more easier. This is lib will help you to 6 draw route maps between two point LatLng.


Simple, smooth 5 animation for route / polylines on google 4 maps using projections. (WIP)


This project 3 allows you to calculate the direction between 2 two locations and display the route on a 1 Google Map using the Google Directions API.

A map demo app for quick start with maps

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