[ACCEPTED]-Xamarin : Application not installed issue-xamarin-studio

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The correct process of creating apk is given 1 below

  1. First change your build type to Release from debug.
  2. Clean
  3. Rebuild
  4. Right click your android project and click on archive
  5. After successful archive click on Distribute and click on Ad-hoc
  6. Create keystore file
  7. After finishing click on Open Distribution Your apk file is ready.
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I know I am late in party. But I believe 7 it could help someone to resolve his issue.

Sometimes 6 the issue is unsupported Architecture.

You 5 can resolve it by

Android Project>Properties>Android Options> Advance>Supported Architecture.

Here you can check the 4 supported architecture according to your 3 device and the issue would be resolved. (I 2 believe app should support maximum of architectures 1 so check them all).

Hope it would help.

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For OS X and windows the commands are same:

For 4 windows please download: MSBuild Command 3 Prompt for VS2015

For release version (the 2 actual problem you are facing): type in 1 command tool:

 msbuild /p:Configuration=Release Path\To\Your\ApplicationProject.csproj
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If this doesn't explain your problem I would 4 post directly on their forums or contact their support. That 3 could also help if you could find the installation 2 log, there is probably an explanation why 1 it fails to install.

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I found the solution here https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/comment/72399/#Comment_72399.

The answer from 5 Felix Alcala works perfect. No more "App 4 not installed" messages on device.

Open 3 the SDK Locations in Xamarin Studio

Preferences/Projects/SDK 2 Locations/Android

and set Java SDK(JDK) to


Finally, generate 1 the .apk file again.

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Check the target sdk when debug and check 3 version of your android device.

Version of 2 android device should be equal or greater 1 than the target sdk in debugging mode.

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You may encounter this issue if you have 10 installed then uninstalled the same app 9 from your phone.

In Visual Studio, go to

Tools 8 > Android > Android Adb Command Prompt

Ensure 7 your phone is connected and debugging is 6 enabled on your phone. If this is done properly, the 5 name of your phone should show in Visual 4 Studio next to the run button.

In the adb 3 command prompt, enter this command:

adb uninstall 2 [your package name]


adb uninstall com.mypackage

You 1 should then be able to install your APK

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This also happened to me, after downloading 12 the .apk from my android device browser 11 and pressing the Install button, it said 10 "App not installed" with no further 9 information. After downloading it several 8 times, (each time getting the same issue) I 7 finally got the message that I could not 6 download de .apk because I did not have 5 enough storage in my device. So, check if 4 you have enough storage in your phone before 3 trying to install it, as the error message 2 is only "App not installed" instead 1 of warning that there is not enough space.

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