[ACCEPTED]-Spinner prompt not showing-spinner

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Score: 12

Prompt is used to show title on dropdown 6 popup not for default text.

I think you are 5 looking for setting the default value on 4 spinner when you have not selected any value 3 from spinner dropdown. For that you need 2 to use NothingSelectedSpinnerAdapter, below 1 is the link for more details :


Score: 6

Not the correct way but it works.. What 3 ever you wan to show give it as the first 2 item in the String array like this


 <string-array name="Profession">
    <item>Please select the Profession</item>
    <item>research student</item>

in 1 java code when ur reading from spinng object

Spinner profession = (Spinner)findViewById(R.id.profession);

String prof = String.valueOf(profession.getSelectedItem());

if(prof.equals("Please select the Profession"))

      Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Please select the Profession", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

   //Do your thing here....
Score: 5

you should set style ---> style="@android:style/Widget.Spinner" works 1 for me. Hope it help.

Score: 1

I had the same problem and style="@android:style/Widget.Spinner" was the solution 2 for me as well. just insert into the Spinner 1 tag without the android: preface

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