[ACCEPTED]-What is the LDAP filter string length limit in Active Directory?-ldap

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According to Technet: How Active Directory Searches Work, the maximum LDAP request 5 size that the server attempts to process 4 defaults to 10,485,760 bytes.

If the server 3 receives a request that is larger than this 2 value, it closes the connection. Hope that 1 helps.

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According to the specification in RFC1558, there 3 is not a hard limit imposed on the length 2 of LDAP filter strings. Different implementations 1 might have their own limits though.

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If you're using the AD Users and Groups 7 GUI interface to contruct the query you 6 are limited to 464 characters. If you're 5 using dsquery from the command line you 4 are not limited to 464 characters. I don't 3 know the upper bounds for filter length 2 on dsquery, but I assume it's inline with 1 the LDAP spec.

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