[ACCEPTED]-one DLL, multiple projects?-dll

Accepted answer
Score: 20

No. Each project will compile into a separate 3 library or application.

You can, however, merge 2 these together into a single DLL or EXE 1 file using ILMerge post compilation.

Score: 14

It is not possible with Visual Studio directly, but 4 you can merge assemblies using ILMerge. This could 3 e.g. be done in a post-build step:

ilmerge /target:winexe /out:SelfContainedProgram.exe 
    Program.exe ClassLibrary1.dll ClassLibrary2.dll

If your 2 project is an ASP.Net project you can rely 1 on the ASP.NET Merge Tool.

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It is possible, and it was even possible 2 in 2004.

However, Visual Studio does not 1 expose it.

You need to use netmodules.

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You could create an MSBuild script that 4 uses XSLT to combine all of the csproj files 3 into one and then builds it. You won't 2 need to copy cs files or anything like that, just 1 dynamically generate a new csproj file.

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Never done it personally but looks like 1 this tool could make that happen:


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