[ACCEPTED]-How to find all dependencies of a .NET project?-dependencies

Accepted answer
Score: 10

Reflector - previously from Lutz Roeder, now from 1 Red-Gate software.

Score: 10

For .NET 4, check our CheckAsm: http://www.amberfish.net/


Score: 9

I prefer ILSpy. It's an open-source .NET assembly 3 browser and decompiler. And yes, it shows 2 dependencies.

Decent replacement for Reflector which 1 is not free anymore.

Score: 5

NDepend is the .NET tool specialized in 5 dependencies management and visualization. The 4 tool proposes both a dependency graph and a dependency matrix. A free trial 3 of the tool is available here. Here are 2 screenshots 2 of the dependency graph followed by the 1 dependency matrix:

NDepend dependency graph NDepend dependency matrix

Score: 2

During runtime Systernals' ProcessExplorer might be helpful to see 3 an assemblys dependencies.

Also NDepend can show 2 you the dependencies and how tightly your 1 components are coupled.

Score: 1

Reflector is not free and the other one 3 is not free either, just a trial. I had 2 the same problem and found this EXCELLENT 1 tool:


Score: 1

ildasm.exe works for this purpose as well.

This tool 7 is automatically installed with Visual Studio. To 6 run the tool, use the Developer Command 5 Prompt (or the Visual Studio Command Prompt 4 in Windows 7).

ildasm.exe lists a tree of namespaces, types, methods, etc. on 3 loading an assembly.


And you can view all dependencies of the assembly by double clicking MANIFEST, and searching for lines starting with .assembly extern.


ildasm.exe comes 2 with Visual Studio or .NET SDK installations, so 1 chances are you've got it on your computer.

Score: 0

Dependency Walker will work with .Net too.

the 10 .Net layer still needs to call down to 9 the core Windows functions like LoadLibrary 8 and GetProcAddress to do the actual work. It 7 is at this core level that Dependency 6 Walker understands what is going on. So, while 5 Dependency Walker may not understand all 4 the language specific complexities of 3 your application, it will still be able 2 to track all module activity at a core 1 Windows API level.


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