[ACCEPTED]-What is the best EXIF library for .Net?-exif

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Score: 12

If you're willing to use an open-source 5 library, may I humbly suggest one of my 4 own creation?

The metadata-extractor project has been alive 3 and well since 2002 for Java, and is now 2 available for .NET.

  • Open source (Apache 2.0)
  • Heavily tested and widely used
  • Supports many image types (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, WebP, GIF, BMP, ICO, PCX...)
  • Supports many metadata types (Exif, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, ...)
  • Supports many manufacturer-specific fields (Canon, Nikon, ...)
  • Very fast (fully processes ~400 images totalling 1.33GB in ~3 seconds) with low memory consumption
  • Builds for .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0+ and PCL

It's available via NuGet or 1 GitHub.

Sample usage:

IEnumerable<Directory> directories = ImageMetadataReader.ReadMetadata(path);

foreach (var directory in directories)
foreach (var tag in directory.Tags)
    Console.WriteLine($"{directory.Name} - {tag.TagName} = {tag.Description}");
Score: 9

If you're compiling against v3 of the Framework 3 (or later), then you can load the images 2 using the BitmapSource class, which exposes the EXIF metadata 1 through the Metadata property

Score: 5

A new and very fast library is ExifLib - A Fast Exif Data Extractor for .NET 2.0 by Simon 8 McKenzie. I ended up using this one and 7 the code is easy to use and understand. I 6 used it for an app to rename according to 5 the date taken. I wonder how many times 4 such an app has been written.

My tip: Make 3 sure to call Dispose on the ExifReader objects 2 once you've finished with them or the files 1 remain open.

Score: 4

I like Atalasoft's DotImage Photo, but its a closed source solution 4 and costs about 600 per dev license.

You 3 can also check out DTools at Codeplex, which is an open source 2 framework designed to supplement the standard 1 Fx. It includes some Exif related classes.

Score: 4

the one I have saved in feeddemon for me 2 to check out more when I have time (when 1 is that for a programmer? LOL) is below

ExifTagCollection - EXIF Metadata extraction library


Score: 2

Check out this metadata extractor. It is written in Java but 4 has also been ported to C#. I have used 3 the Java version to write a small utility 2 to rename my jpeg files based on the date 1 and model tags. Very easy to use.

Score: 0

Several years ago, I started a little JPEG 10 EXIF app with Omar Shahine to work on JPEG 9 EXIF files, called JpegHammer.

He extracted 8 from that project a library and called it 7 PhotoLibrary, it was an easy .NET wrapper 6 for the EXIF 2.2 tags. Unfortunately, the 5 GotDotNet site is gone, CodePlex doesn't 4 have it, Omar's web site links don't work, and 3 I don't have a copy anymore.

But, if you 2 can dig around Google, maybe you'll find 1 it and it'll do the trick for you.

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