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ClickOnce cannot be installed the way you 27 are thinking since to launch it, it is just 26 a URL (http://server/myapp/myapp.application). Thus if you can get a user to 25 click on the URL, you've accomplished the 24 same thing. Here's what we did and it works 23 really well.

We manage 5,000 desktops in 22 a large enterprise and what we did to get 21 the app on all of the machines, was create 20 a simple MSI file that put an icon on the 19 desktop (you could put it in the startmenu 18 or whatever I guess). The icon has the 17 standard app icon and is merely a link icon 16 which points to the URL.

When a user clicks 15 the icon, it launches the application and 14 gets installed, thus all automatic updates 13 come down as well.

Now this worked for us 12 because we have really good enterprise management 11 software to be able to deploy MSI's to the 10 enterprise. I don't know your situation 9 so I don't know if this will work or not.

Building 8 an MSI of the complete app defeats the purpose 7 of the auto updates and things ClickOnce 6 provides. Building a MSI to drop an icon 5 on a machine is simple and just has to be 4 installed once.

If you need any help or have 3 questions on this, just email me, I'm pretty 2 easy to find, just check my blog.

Hope that 1 helps.


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If you need to install / upgrade for all 9 users on a PC, Clickonce is not an option. Clickonce 8 is meant for installing an application for 7 a single user without administrative rights.

You 6 will need to create a MSI installer to distribute 5 an application to multiple users on the 4 same machine. There are multiple ways to 3 deploy and update applications on clients 2 when the client does not have administrative 1 rights. A few examples:

  • Advertise your MSI in Active Directory, installation and upgrade does not require administrative privileges.
  • Use System Center Update Publisher (SCUP) to publish your application to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). With WSUS you can deploy Microsoft updates, and your application. Both WSUS and SCUP are freely available for download.
  • Use Group Policy to elevate installers (not a recommended solution!), to enable non-admins to install MSIs for all users

Hope this helps.

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check out WIX http://wix.sourceforge.net/


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