[ACCEPTED]-What is the best way to parse an XML boolean attribute (in .NET)?-xml-attribute

Accepted answer
Score: 38

I think that XmlConvert has all the methods for converting 5 between common language runtime types and 4 XML types. Especially XmlConvert.ToBoolean handles exactly the 3 boolean values (valid strings are "1" or 2 "true" for true and "0" or 1 "false" for false).

Score: 2

Using CBool instead of Boolean.Parse should do the trick: although 10 you'll have to embed it in a try/catch block (which 9 wouldn't be required when using Boolean.TryParse), it will 8 successfully convert most 'sensible' boolean 7 values, including true/false and 0/1.

Edit: as 6 pointed out in a comment, this answer is 5 kinda useless for C# programmers, as CBool is 4 a VB-ism. It maps to Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions::ToBoolean, which is not suitable 3 for general consumption. Which makes the 2 XMLConvert class pointed out in the accepted 1 answer an even better alternative.

Score: 0

Sanitise the data before attempting to parse 3 it:

 string InnerText = yourXmlNode.InnerText;    
if (InnerText.Equals("0"))
    InnerText = "false";
else if (InnerText.Equals("1"))
    InnerText = "true";

Any other entry than true, false, 0 or 1 will still 2 throw a "Bad Format" exception (as it should 1 be).

Score: 0
return value === 'true' || Number(value)


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