The extension for Yii framework 2 that gives an ability to use identity map for any ActiveRecord model.

How it works

ActiveRecordTrait overrides a find method of model. This method creates a custom ActiveQuery. When one (all) method is called, a got model (models) save to identityMap as array of attributes (It saves a memory). The next requests return data without queries to data base.

By the way the next methods are allowed:

  • getById(integer $id, boolean $asArray = false) - get a model or an array of attributes (It depends on second param value) by primary key;
  • getByAttribute(string $attribute, string $value, boolean $asArray = false) - get a model or an array of attributes (It depends on second param value) by unique attribute value;
  • getMap() - get all models from identityMap as array of attributes;
  • clearMap() - clear an identityMap.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

composer require --prefer-dist yiister/yii2-mappable-ar

or add

"yiister/yii2-mappable-ar": "~1.0.0"

to the require section of your composer.json.


The extension supports the next settings:

  • idAttribute - the primary key attribute (by default id);
  • identityMapMaxSize - the maximum elements count in identityMap (by default -1 = no limit);
  • uniqueAttributes - array of attribute names that contains unique values. It is used at the getByAttribute method.

For example, for change a primary key attribute to key add to your model public static $idAttribute = 'key';.


Just add use yiister\mappable\ActiveRecordTrait; to your model for using an identityMap. You got all features after it.

Warn! If you have overridden find method in your model you have to call activeRecordTraitFind() method and work with its result.


public static function find()
    $query = static::activeRecordTraitFind();
    // another work with $query
    return $query;